Experience. The Difference.


What does Supplied Talent sell? Some people would say ‘people’, but that just sounds weird. We sell an approach that makes it easy for companies to hire the right person for the right role.

‘Context’ is King

The recruitment industry status quo is wrong – the job description isn’t enough.   We need to consider how the same job is wildly influenced by the state of a team, the growth of a company, the decline of an industry, the strength of your systems and processes…and so on.  

That’s why we frame the problem differently.  Our approach lets us capture the real context and use predictive technology to match the skills, strengths and motivations of the best candidates to your unique situation.  

We care about building great teams, because if we’re successful, then you succeed as a leader, your company will grow, and you’ll partner with us again on another search (and maybe even tell your friends about us).

Practice Makes Perfect

Heli-skiing, taxes and large tattoos – all of these can be considered high stakes.  These are all things that we experience infrequently and are therefore reliant on experts to guide us. We count on the experts to bring tools, training and experience gleaned from a whole lot of practice and repeated success.  

Hiring is the same because doing it wrong can be costly ($$$ + pain + time + resignations) and hard to “un-do”.  You’ll probably only need to hire for a specific supply chain related role once every 3-5 years. And even if you did it before, the scope of the role has likely changed because your company is at a different stage in its lifecycle or there are changes in the market and industry. How can you hire effectively when you do it so rarely for that role (and, you still have your full-time job to do)?


That’s when it makes sense to partner with a recruiter who practices that skill every day with tools that other companies don’t have. At Supplied Talent, we know we can offer more value by representing the niche talent market of intermediate, senior and executive-level supply chain and logistics professionals in nationwide.


Supplied Talent uses proprietary technology to examine the compatibility of a candidate to a position in terms of technical competencies, motivations, and cultural alignment. This enables us to get the right candidates into the right roles.


Supplied Talent established a solid relationship with me and continued it long after placements were made. Because they know me on a personal level, they are able to best match me with the right opportunity and hire the best people for my team. 

Jim G., Manufacturing Leader

Supplied Talent really lightened my load by only presenting me with great candidates so that I didn’t have to slog through tons of resumes myself. They also did an amazing job telling each candidate’s story – that really helped me differentiate them and prioritize what was truly most important to the role.

Jennifer T., Human Resources 

 Like most organizations navigating through these rough economic waters, we need precision when filling positions, and we simply don’t have the time to pore through résumés.

They were able to screens and locates the right person for the job, saving us time and money. They have been an invaluable partner to our workforce operation.

Sarah R., VP, Logistics